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"Theresa was the absolute best realtor we have ever had. She took care of all details of our purchase without ever having to be asked twice. Her professionalism was evident as she always looked out for our best interest no matter how small the details. She was the best realtor to introduce us to Prescott and sell us our beautiful home. She is also a blast to be with. You couldn't have for a better representative."


Deborah Davis

This realtor has excellent listening skills. In spite of her own inconvenience, she never wastes my time directing me to homes that are not within the parameters I have indicated. With sometimes little notice, she consistently makes herself available to coincide with my difficult schedule.   Attending an on site home viewing in the Prescott area requires me to invest a 4 hour drive, and I rely heavily on her honesty, expertise, and guidance when selecting prospective homes for my consideration. It has been my experience that the BloomTree agency gives their sellers and buyers 100%, and personally that Theresa de Soto in particular without a doubt has always given me 150. I strongly recommend her as your choice of agent whether she will be representing you as a buyer or a seller, and I am confident that you will soon recognize, as I did, she is a professional with an unsurpassed devotion to representing you (as a 1983 song you may recall stated): "she works hard for the money", … because she sure does!


"She cared and took all the time l needed to find a house. She also made I point to show me around. Thank you T. deSoto"

Jackie Fox

Theresa is the hardest working agent I have seen. Some friends of mine are looking for a home and Theresa has been there for them every step. Even though they are future buyers that are not ready to close right now, she treats them like they are the most important clients she has.


We meet Theresa by chance while looking at property online, we called in to the Prescott office, and they put us through to Theresa. We were immediately impressed by her efforts to figure out what type of property we would be interested in. She followed through and provided us with properties that were in our price range, and she continued to ask for feedback so she could help identify the things we liked. Once we had a list of potential properties, we made arraignments for a visit. When my wife and I met Theresa in person it was more like a nice day with an old friend, than meeting someone for the first time. It was full day and she had taken the time to preview everything, so she was able to let us know ahead about anything that was of particular interest about the different neighborhoods we would be seeing. We were both very impressed with her preparation, great personality and willingness to work for us! I can say, we highly recommend a call to Theresa if you are interested in property in the Prescott area, she will really work to make sure you find what you are looking for, and you will have a great time doing it!

Devon and Melisa

Theresa has been awesome to work with! She is very helpful and kind. We recommend her to anyone.

T.R. and Stephanie Negri

Theresa is terrific to work with. She is a very kind person with an excellent work ethic. My husband and I went to Prescott over Labor Day weekend to search for property to purchase upon which to build a home when we retire. Theresa spent most of Saturday researching properties for us to view, driving us us to each one, and calling the listing agents when we got lost or had questions . She was very determined to find the properties and get our questions answered. We ended up buying one of the properties she showed us that weekend. We were only in Prescott for Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and, had it not been for Theresa's help and expertise, we would not have found our property. My husband and I were very impressed with the amount of time she was willing to spend with us, how helpful she was, and that she drove us to the properties in her own car. I highly recommend Theresa to anyone searching for a home or property to purchase. She will work hard to help you find whatever you are looking for!

Dan and Lori Hepler

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